5 Tips for Winterizing Your Hair Care Routine

Learn how to maintain your hair’s health during the colder months with these 5 tips.

The changing seasons can bring much excitement to the air, but can also wreak havoc on your hair’s health! Between the steamy indoor heat, colder outdoor temperatures, static electricity and excessive heat styling, there are quite a few looming hair care nightmares.

But fear not – There are some simple things you can do to protect and maintain healthy hair, even through the darkest winter days.

1. Adjust Water Temperature
As great as a hot shower feels on a cold winter day, lukewarm showers reduce the excessive dryness, breakage and moisture stripping that hot showers can cause. As a general rule of thumb, try rinsing conditioner from your hair with cooler water. Doing so will shock the cuticle closed and leave your hair healthier, shinier and stronger.

2. Deep Conditioning
Start using a deep conditioner, like Pantene Damage Detox Weekly Rehab Créme, at least once a week. Regular deep conditioning can replenish lost moisture and nutrients that are drawn out of the hair throughout the colder months.

3. Turn Down the Heat
For those who can’t stand the thought of air-drying their hair, try minimizing the use of your hair dryer to about once or twice a week. You can extend the life of your hairstyle by using a lined shower cap when showering, or applying a dry shampoo, like Herbal Essences Naked Dry Volume, before bed.

Tip: Always be sure to use protective products, like Pantene Heat Protection Spray, before using a moisture-sucking heat styling tool.

4. Switch up the Styling Routine
Your hair has slightly different needs during the winter, so adjust your products accordingly. Those with fine-to-medium hair should use products that target nourishment where it’s needed without weighing it down.

Those with medium-to-thick hair should soothe parched strands with moisturizing products that contain extra nourishing ingredients such as avocado, olive and/or nut oils.

5. Be Mindful of Accessories
Hair accessories can play a huge part in your winter style, but some may have damaging effects. Women with color- or chemically-treated hair should avoid wool hats, as the texture can rough up already parched strands and lead to breakage. A silk scarf under wool accessories will protect your hair, look retro chic and prevent the dreaded “hat hair.”

If you do wear an accessory, make sure you use coated or cotton hair ties (they don’t pull or snag) or velvet-backed barrettes and other metal accessories to prevent damage.

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