Winter Hair Colors & How To Choose the Right One

Learn how to pick the perfect winter hair color.

By: Kristin Booker

The seasons are changing and that means your beauty routine might change along with it — including the decision of your winter hair color. Will it be ice blonde, berry red or a deep espresso shade? Marcy Cona, Clairol global director of color and style, shared her six foolproof tips to pick and maintain the right winter hair color. 

1. Always Consider Your Skin Tone
Remember: Each hair color range has an underlying base, much like your skin, which runs warm, cool or neutral. Cona recommends following these general guidelines when picking the right tone of hair color for your particular skin hue.

  • Ash and cool tones are best for women with fair skin and light eyes who tend to wear silver jewelry.
  • Warm and golden tones are ideal for women with olive or darker skin and dark eyes who tend to wear gold jewelry.
  • Neutral tones — hair colors that contain the words champagne, beige and neutral — work for women who can wear either type of jewelry. They’re also best for women with uneven skin tones or those who are unsure of which shade to choose.

2. Consider the Overall Shape of Your Face
You can use hair color to bring about the best features of your face and to add contour and definition where needed.

“Lighter shades draw attention to the area where they’re applied, while darker shades add shadows that can help visually contour your face or neck,” Cona says. “In terms of the actual hair color itself, it’s more important that the color you choose complements your skin and facial features and creates contrast with your skin tone.”

3. Consider Where You Live
“Women living in environments with a lot of exposure to sunlight should avoid hair colors that require a lot of TLC, unless they don’t mind wearing hats and scarves over their hair all the time,” Cona says. “Too much exposure to the sun can quicken the rate at which hair color fades, especially redheads.”

4. Consider if You’d Rather Color at Home or Hit the Salon
If you’d like to try and achieve your new shade at home, it’s never been easier.

“I recommend selecting a hair color formula — foam or liquid — with which you’re most comfortable and read the instructions before starting. More often than not, hair color mishaps happen when people don’t read the instructions.”

If you decide to hit the salon, Cona advises taking a photo of the exact look you want.

“That way, there’s zero room for misunderstandings as to the color results you’re hoping for,” she explains.

5. Come Up With a Maintenance Plan
Once you’ve achieved the perfect color, how do you go about making sure it looks its best? Cona has some quick tips and suggestions for maintaining your perfect hue.

  • Treat your hair to a weekly deep conditioning to help keep hair shiny.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for color-treated hair.
  • Use heat-protectant styling products to shield hair from damage when heat styling.

What hair color have you always wanted to try? Let us know in the comments!

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