Beating Boredom: Activities to Spark Some Indoor Adventure

Make the most of winter with inexpensive family-friendly fun ideas!

Wintertime is here! And while the kids love winter’s first snowfall, it’s likely only a matter of time before they drag themselves over, moping and saying, “Mooooooooooom. I’m booooooooored.”

Now you can respond with some serious home-bound ideas to combat boredom.

1. Indoor Camping
Camping in winter? Sounds great if you live in a warm climate. But anyone can enjoy the excitement of camping even if you see snow outside. Take the fun of camping indoors for a fun way to share time with family.

Set up a tent in your living room – using sheets pinned to the walls, or a real tent if it’s not too grimy from its last use – and gather the family inside for ghost stories and s’mores (made in the kitchen).

Add that outdoor touch by playing some recordings of nature sounds and animal noises. You can even keep the theme going the next morning with a country breakfast of biscuits and gravy. The kids will love telling their friends how they went “camping” over winter break!

2. Scavenger Hunt
A scavenger hunt can be held indoors. Give the kids a list of items to search for and tasks they need to complete in order to win the hunt. You can hand out bags for the kids to collect the items on the list, or let the kids take a photo on a phone when they locate the listed treasure.

The kids can create a list for the parents too, and you can do a kids vs. parents scavenger battle. A fun prize at the end will keep the kids interested and focused.

3. Movie Day
When it’s cold outside, what better way to spend the day than on the couch with some hot popcorn and a day of movies? Let each child and each parent choose a family-friendly flick and watch a few movies as a family for the day. Pop up some popcorn, dim the lights, grab some comfy quilts and enjoy a fantasy world on film for the afternoon. Make the day even more fun by holding your own family movie critiques after each movie. Two thumbs up for a relaxing day with family! 

4. A Day at the Museum
Museums, public aquariums, zoos and other attractions are a great way to spend time over winter break with the kids. They’ll learn new things without realizing it because they’ll be having so much fun. There are lots of museums appropriate for kids, such as touch and feel museums, science museums and history museums (kids always love the dinosaurs!). There are many places with special children’s sections and exhibits. Entry fees are usually quite reasonable – even some discounts during winter months – and most have family-friendly spots for a snack or lunch.

5. Volunteer
Volunteering as a family is something you’ll treasure forever. There are so many ways you and your family can help the less fortunate in your community. For instance:

  • Collect clothing and coats from your friends and neighbors for a clothes drive
  • Depending on your child’s age, seek out opportunities to help at local soup kitchens
  • Collect canned food and deliver the goods to shelters
  • Pet shelters may need help or food, too

Whether your child can actively participate or simply watch you volunteer, the experience will be life-changing and so rewarding. Your kids will realize how they can make a difference in the world right from their own home or town.

Help all of us out by revealing your go-to boredom killing activity!



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