5 Supermarket Secrets

Are you doing these 5 things when you go grocery shopping? They could be saving you time and money.

By: Flor L.

There are many things that we don’t know about grocery stores. The reality is that if we knew more we would be able to make better choices when grocery shopping. Here are some interesting grocery store secrets that will give you better insight as to what goes on behind the other side of the register.

They Are Part of Your Community
You probably did not know, but the majority of grocery stores have money set aside to support certain local causes, whether it is for education, sports or something that betters the community as a whole. So if you have an idea, don’t hesitate to visit your local grocery store and speak with the manager.

You’re the Boss
Is there a product you want that is not available at the store? Speak with the store manager and ask him to put it in his inventory. Although it seems like something that would be impossible to do, many grocery stores are listening to what their customers want and are bringing certain products in. I mean who knows? Maybe it will be a great seller and become part of their day-to-day inventory.

Sometimes the Best Prices Are Not Where You Think
Here’s a little secret: it seems that the best milk prices are not in grocery stores, but in convenience stores, like small family-owned corner shops or pharmacies. Can you believe that a gallon can be anywhere from 30 to 50 cents cheaper? And if you’re lucky you might even be able to get it hormone free and locally produced.

Pay Less for the Best Cut
One of the best and most coveted cuts of meat is the filet mignon. Even the name sounds delicious, right? It turns out that this cut can be obtained from the much cheaper cut, the T-bone. How? Each T-Bone comes with a small file mignon close to the bone, and a delicious New York strip on the opposite side. Wondering what the price difference is? Three to five dollars per pound!

Your Eyes Do Not Deceive You
No, you do not need to visit your eye doctor. Grocery stores are increasing the size of their carts. It is proven that the bigger the cart, the more you purchase. A study was done and when the size of carts was doubled, consumers bought 19 percent more than with the smaller cart. A great tip when grocery shopping is to always go with the smaller cart.

We hope these tips help you out next time you’re doing your weekly shopping, and remember to think small!


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